About me

My whole life has been accompanied by fine arts. Already as a child, it became clear that I have talent and a sense of beauty in drawing and painting. Taking the opportunity, I participated in several drawing competitions where I could take home various prizes. At the time, I had no idea how much it meant to me in self-expression, until I stopped.

Of course, painting wasn’t always so emphasized in my life, even if I enjoyed every minute I could indulge my passion. Because of my previous studies and work, I didn’t have time to complete this field until as a mother in some stolen minutes, it meant relaxation. In 2019, I started training myself and learning important techniques for drawing and painting. In the spirit of lifelong learning, I am constantly educating myself to this day because I always find something challenging to improve my work.

Group exhibition:

2021 VAMM, Budapest

2021 "MOHO sapiens" K11, Budapest

2021 "The way you look at things can change everything" online exhibition

2022 VAMM, Budapest

2022 "Innovart 2022" UP Újpest Rendezvénytér, Budapest

2022 "Jelenlét" Kondor Béla Közösségi Ház, Budapest

2022 "BELSŐ BÉKE" Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest

2023 Képzőművészeti Tehetségkutató Kiállítás Etele Pláza , Budapest

2023 "Belső táj" Kondor Béla Közösségi  Ház, Budapest

2023 Vidéki/Városi élet Csányi5 Rendezvényközpont, Budapest

2023 Kis Kép Tárlat III. Pestszentimrei Közösségi Ház, Budapest