About me

My whole life has been accompanied by fine arts. Already as a child, it became clear that I have talent and a sense of beauty in drawing and painting. Taking the opportunity, I participated in several drawing competitions where I could take home various prizes. At the time, I had no idea how much it meant to me in self-expression, until I stopped.

Of course, painting wasn’t always so emphasized in my life, even if I enjoyed every minute I could indulge my passion. Because of my previous studies and work, I didn’t have time to complete this field until as a mother in some stolen minutes, it meant relaxation. In 2019, I started training myself and learning important techniques for drawing and painting. In the spirit of lifelong learning, I am constantly educating myself to this day because I always find something challenging to improve my work.

Group exhibition:

2021 VAMM, Budapest

2021 "MOHO sapiens" K11, Budapest

2021 "The way you look at things can change everything" online exhibition